Toys & Board Games of the Past

Historical Significance

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, toys and board games was an excellent tool for children to learn simple skills. Along with learning, children played games during their spare time after chores and homework. Not able to buy many toys as is the case today, simple toys and games were created during these times. Creativity was learned with such toys and board games of the past.

How Toys & Board Games of the Past Relates to Tipton-Haynes

The size of the Tipton and Haynes families were a moderate compared to other families of their time period. By the time the two Tipton families lived at Tipton-Haynes, their children were nearly all grown. Landon Carter Haynes and his wife Eleanor had four boys and two girls. The Haynes children had an excellent education and during their spare time would have played with toys and board games. During the 2008 archaeological excavation, two marbles from the Haynes time period were discovered. This gives an insight into the possible games that the Haynes children played.

Student Activity

Students will learn the importance of how toys and board games of the past were a source of learning for children of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and for the Tipton and Haynes children. After discussing the toys and board games of the past, students will play and learn from the variety of games such as dominoes, marbles, cup-and-ball, and much more.