Technology & Tools of the Past

Historical Significance

Man-powered tools were an essential part of 18th and 19th century life on the farm and in the home. Tools were used in an abundance of ways from building and repairing, to farming, and cooking. They were often difficult to use but increased the efficiency of hand-power. These tools allowed for more comfort and improved survival at all levels of society. While the tools were indeed simpler in nature, their effectiveness is no less as valuable than modern tools.

How Technology & Tools of the Past Relates to Tipton-Haynes

For both the Tipton and Haynes families, tools were extremely important to agricultural success, construction, and provision. The families were generally self-sufficient because there were no near general stores, with the closest one being in Jonesborough or Elizabethton.

Student Activity

The students will be shown some of the tools inside of the historic Tipton-Haynes home and will be asked to brainstorm on their function. Then the tools will be defined for the students at an age appropriate level. Finally, students will be allowed to handle suitable tools and interact with them. Also the tools of the past will be compared alongside with the modern evolution of today. Students will also learn of the technological development of the tools from the past to their modern counterparts of today.