Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site continually strives to educate the public on the historical importance of the Tipton and Haynes families and their actions that influenced the history of the region, state, and nation. With such a rich history, Tipton-Haynes offers multiple options for visitors, parents, and teachers to learn about the site through a variety of teaching techniques.

Outdoor Classroom

For nature enthusiasts, come visit our outdoor classroom and learn about André Michaux while you explore our natural cave and nature trail.

Field Trips

Looking to provide your students with a field trip filled with fun while they learn, then teachers look no further and check out what Tipton-Haynes offers for your grade level.

Activity Boxes

For those who wish to hold history in your hands, then choose from several of our activity boxes filled with the wonders of the past.

Summers Past History Program

Parents who are looking for a summer program for their kids to enjoy, then check out the Summers Past History Program and let your kids discover the amazement of the past.